3D printed bee-hotels hidden behind pedestrian signs in Dutch park

Recently the city of Haarlem (Netherlands) has placed some special traffic signs in the Kenaupark. Behind the traffic signs they mounted 3D printed bird houses and so-called “bug-hotels” which are made out of recycled PET bottles. The traffic signs itself are made out of bamboo. Spaarnelanden, the company that is responsible for managing and maintaining the city’s environment, has developed this concept. 

“This is a great example of sustainability in the public spaces of the town of Haarlem” according to the councilor responsible for space and ecology, Merijn Snoek.

3D printed bee-hotel Haarlem

The Kenaupark is a historical park in a beautiful area in the center of Haarlem. It’s mainly a pedestrian area, but until recently, this was not really clear to everyone and there were still many cyclists using the same area.

To solve this issue, traffic signs are placed. But as this area is special, the signs also had to be, and for that reason the municipality of Spaarnelanden took the initiative for sustainable signs that also contribute to the biodiversity in the area.

This is the first time a traffic sign is combined with sustainability and biodiversity.

Bamboo traffic sign Haarlem

Councilor Snoek “A traditional traffic sign would not match the unique nature of the Kenaupark and I am very happy with this beautiful solution. Now let’s hope the bees think the same”.

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