Build websites the Xway

From the makers of the visual webdesign tool for MacOSX, Freeway Pro, there now is a completely redesigned Beta-version available called Xway.

Freeway Pro was a very popular, visual webdesign tool for Apple’s OSX, but the core of the program was based upon 20-year-old 32-bit technology, preventing them from implementing the latest features and requests without completely having to rewrite the software. This led to people leaving for the competition or finding refuge in other tools such as for example WordPress. Now, with Apple’s Catalina being 100% 64-bit and no longer supporting backward compatibility for 32-bit, the software recently became completely obsolete1.

Xway by Softpress

Softpress, the company behind Freeway Pro, decided to stop further development and support for the product about 2-3 years ago and focused on their other applications such as Exhibeo and Chroma.

Now, recently Softpress announced the first Beta of Xway, which is based upon 64-bit Swift/Cocoa, has many of the feature requests implemented and is following the latest web standards and current ways of building websites.

A big difference with, for example, WordPress or Joomla, is that this is not a heavy, database drive Content Management System depending upon theme’s and plugins including their support and vulnerabilities… This is a standalone, independent application, allowing you to build websites with complete Freedom of design making it ideal for smaller websites not depending upon some of the features of, for example, Joomla.

Xway by Softpress desktop

Xway features

  • Built for HTML and CSS from the ground up
  • Unlimited undo and redo (finally! I hear the old users cheer)
  • Webfont support, e.g. Google Fonts and Typekit
  • Multiple selection and editing
  • Dark-mode support
  • Single window interface with tabs
  • Template pages for quick page creation
  • High-resolution user interface for Retina displays


You can download the Beta software here. As always, be aware that you should not use Beta software in any critical environment!

1 Even though we highly discourage you to do so and advise you to focus on this new tool, Freeway Pro is still available for purchase and can be used in Mojave in a Virtual Machine, such as VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop.