Ghent Workgroup webinar: ‘All you wanted to know about PDF transparency but were afraid to ask’.

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is happy to announce the new webinar about PDF transparency on Thursday March 26 at 4pm. This webinar will be presented by Andrew Bailes-Collins (Enfocus) and is intended to help designers better understand native transparency – the benefits and challenges – and the use of best practices to avoid common print problems associated with transparencies.

Native transparency, also
known as vector-based transparency, is a powerful tool that can
enhance and streamline the design process. When done correctly, native
transparency can add trouble-free creative flair to a design. Understanding how
to properly employ transparency can avoid costly mistakes all the way down the
chain of production. 

There are some instances, however, where transparency has caused issues
on output, especially for print-based projects. In most cases, the issues that
arise when printing documents with transparency can be avoided by following
some basic rules and procedures.

During this webinar, Andrew will explain the solutions available to ensure that our designs print trouble free. He will look at the fundamental concept of what transparency is, how it is used, and what can be done in terms of best practices to avoid some of the more common pitfalls associated with using – and printing – transparency. Understanding the benefits of using native PDF transparency in print production design, especially when PDF/X 4 files are processed, can help to avoid issues on press.

by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Andrew graduated from what is now the London
College of Communications and went on to serve an apprenticeship as a
Compositor. He has worked for a number of vendors in the printing and
publishing sector, including Scangraphic, Apple, and DuPont/Crosfield. He has
been Prepress Manager for several high quality printing companies in London,
managing the change from conventional production techniques to digital. An
early adopter of computer-to-plate and PDF workflow, Andrew then worked at
OneVision Software for ten years. Initially based in the UK, before rising
through the company to become Head of Product Management Europe at their head
office near Munich in Germany. Andrew joined Enfocus and moved to Belgium in
2011 and is the Senior Product Manager responsible for the PitStop family of
products. He is also the Technical Officer for the Ghent Workgroup and Co-Chair
of the GWG specifications sub-committee.