GMG ColorServer 5.1 – customized printing conditions automated

The shift between different printing processes, the use of various substrates or changing printing conditions are still associated with a lot of work and time in prepress and data processing. Customized color profiles help to overcome these problems. With the latest release of GMG ColorServer, we present for the first time a direct connection to GMG OpenColor, which enables the automated use of specific separation profiles in the workflow. Additionally, with the integration of the new 294 Pantone colors, color communication on different substrates such as textiles and packaging materials is improved dramatically. Get to know the benefits of GMG ColorServer.

Watch the benefits of GMG ColorServer 5.1 

Easy profile creation for all printing conditions

With GMG ColorServer you can combine each printing process with every substrate and ink set you need. One source for all profiles reduces errors, and with a central database, always linked to correct color information, profile creation for all printing conditions is made much easier than before.

Print to proof match guaranteed

Save time by reducing press pulls and reprints. Separation and proof profiles out of one source guarantee you a perfect color match on press. 

Automated prepress workflows

Apply your color corrections easily to every profile or job. The conversion of all files between all different print standards is now possible by dropping your file into a hotfolder.