Industry expert Peter Wahsner takes over management of the Sihl Group

The Sihl Group, an internationally leading producer of printable media within the fast-growing global market for digital printing with locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, has a new CEO: Peter K. Wahsner will take over the management of Sihl. He has extensive industry and management experience and will drive the further development of the company.

Until the end of 2019, Peter K. Wahsner was the CEO of the Infiana Group, a globally leading producer of specialty films. After a successful spin-off from the Finnish packaging group Huhtamaki and with the financial support of the investor Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Infiana developed under his leadership into a global market leader with currently 900 employees and a turnover of about 200 million Euro. At the end of 2019, Infiana was successfully sold to the British investor Pamplona.

Before his time at Infiana, Peter K. Wahsner held leading positions at Huhtamaki, the British packaging company Rexam, General Electric Plastics and BASF for several years. During his career, he has spent time in the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA, which has shaped his career as a global leader.

The Board of the Sihl Group is happy to welcome the new CEO, who has broad know-how in the fields of  internationalization, strategy and change management as well as a passion for inspiring people for a cause, which will help the group to set the right course towards moving ahead full-speed and developing Sihl globally.

“The success of the Sihl Group is primarily based on product innovation and its entire staff’s high level of expertise. These core competencies, along with a passion for creating a global market leader characterized by growth, market knowledge and a high degree of customer focus, will shape the story of Sihl in the future. I am looking forward to working with the Sihl team to start the next chapter in the company’s long history”, says Peter K. Wahsner.