InfoMark, the end of QR Codes as we know it?

Last week Xanté’s CEO, Robert Ross, introduced InfoMark as a four-digit alternative to QR Codes. This started 5 years ago when Ross attended a conference about QR Codes and where he left with doubts about the actual usability of QR Codes and if that was the best way to connect print to the digital world. About one and a half years ago, Ross came up with the idea for InfoMark.

The idea is for an author, designers or publishers to place an Asterix followed by a four-digit code at the start of an article. They can then connect maximum 6, digital documents to this code like for example photo’s, audio, video or a presentation.

Readers can simply pick up this code directly from the printed document and use their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and use the app or go to the website, add this code and get immediate access to the content.

The idea is to keep this service free of ads and anonymous. In other words, not to track users and prevent adds popping up when using social media or when browsing.