Jeti Mira LED Inkjet Engine Wins SGIA Product of the Year Award 2019

Agfa is proud to announce that its Jeti Mira 2732 HS LM LED printing system has been named by SGIA as the winner of the 2019 Product of the Year in the UV/Latex Flatbed ($200,000 – $500,000) category.

The Jeti Mira features a moving-gantry flatbed specifically designed to offer optimal flexibility. At 8.82 feet wide (2.69 meters wide), the Jeti Mira features print and prepare functionality, a dockable roll-to-roll option and two table versions while printing at speeds up to 2,669 square feet per hour (248 square meters per hour).

Agfa Jeti Mira Led

“The 2019 SGIA Product of the Year competition showcases the best of the best, and Agfa’s Jeti Mira LED won a well-deserved jewel in the UV/Latex Flatbed ($200K-$500K) category. Both the judges and the objective scoring gave Agfa a convincing win, and this is a printer that deserves a look at PRINTING United,” said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA.

The Jeti Mira is a six-color (white color standard) system with highly pigmented UV inks and two rows of fast-firing Ricoh inkjet printheads. The system’s UV LED curing technology offers minimal heat output for added print applications, high productivity, significant power savings and consistent output for increased ROI.

“Our specially formulated UV LED inks are ideal for heat-sensitive substrates while at the same time reducing energy consumption, increasing productivity and ultimately yielding a higher ROI in the long run. Agfa-made UV inks also boast a wide color gamut and high color vibrancy in both indoor and outdoor applications, while our Asanti color management optimization ensures low ink consumption,” said Deborah Hutcheson, Agfa, Director of Marketing. “When integrated with PrintSphere, our cloud-based service for production automation, users can benefit from an automated workflow and make exchanging data with customers, colleagues, freelancers, other departments and other Agfa solutions easier and more efficient.”

The Jeti Mira can be seen in Agfa’s booth at PRINTING United (#8242) October 23 – 25, 2019 in Dallas.