Mondi celebrates five wins at the WorldStar Awards

Mondi, global leader in innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions, has been recognised in four product categories at the WorldStar Packaging Awards.

The annual competition rewards the greatest achievements in packaging innovation and technologies worldwide, with a focus on both sustainability and end-user convenience. While the judging process was hosted in November in Indonesia, the Gala Awards Ceremony will take place at the interpack 2020 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“Our guiding principle, ‘Sustainable by design’ is reflected in each packaging solution that has been recognised by the WorldStar Awards this year. It is very important to us to support all our customers to help with their bespoke packaging needs and assist them with reaching their individual sustainability goals,” said Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

The winning Mondi products are:

  1. UpliftBox in the Household category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Grünburg
  2. DashV1Box in the Transit category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Ansbach
  3. Stabilization Box in the Other category from Mondi Corrugated Solutions Bupak s.r.o.
  4. StripPouch in the Household category from the German cleaning products maker Werner & Mertz and Mondi Consumer Flexibles
  5. Protector Bags in the Transit category from Mondi Paper Bags and aPak, a Swedish Packaging dealer

Mondi´s vision is to contribute to a better world. It follows our customer-centric approach, “EcoSolutions”, to support its customers to meet their sustainability goals.

“These awards underline that packaging can be part of the solution in protecting products, being fit for purpose while reducing material and transport needs. A fresh approach with reinvention and collaboration has shown we are at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions” said Graeme Smith, Head of Product Sustainability for Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials.

Mondi’s approach centres around three actions to optimise packaging choices:

Replace less sustainable products with solutions that help our customers fulfil their commitments, following our principle of paper where possible, plastic when useful.

Reduce the overall environmental footprint and the volume of raw material used through design, operational efficiency and material choices.

Recycle by developing fit-for-purpose paper and plastic packaging solutions that are designed for recycling.

Schoonbrood continued: “At Mondi, we have dedicated in-house design teams that work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver individual packaging solutions that add real value. We are proud that these teams have been recognised externally for their dedication to continuously find innovative ways to protect delicate goods in different shapes and sizes – while also being sustainable within transport and logistics.”