Mutoh – End of Life pre notice – Eco & mild solvent inks for Rockhopper, Spitfire, Blizzard + Traffic Sign inks for Zephyr TS

Mutoh previously already stopped all support including spare parts delivery on all Rockhopper, Spitfire & Blizzard series printers as well as for Zephyr TS and informed their customers that they will discontinue all genuine Mutoh eco ultra, mild solvent and traffic sign UV inks for above-mentioned models by January 1st, 2021.

Practically this means they will continue regular delivery of all ink types shown below until September 2020, with final phase out and stock depletion during the period September till December 2020.

Mutoh logo

Overview of Mutoh Ink Series to be discontinued by January 1st, 2021.

In below list, xx means: BK – CY – MA – YE – (LC) – (LM) – CLN

1.  Traffic Sign Inks & Cleaning Fluid
For use on Zephyr Traffic (Zephyr TS) – 1 liter

  • MJUVTS-100-BK
  • MJUVTS-100-BL
  • MJUVTS-100-RD
  • MJUVTS-100-YE
  • MJUVTS-100-CLN 

2.  Eco-Solvent inks 
For use on Rockhopper, Spitfire & Blizzard series printers.
220 ml & 440 ml cassettes

  • RJ80U-22-xx
  • RJ80U-44-xx

3. Mild Solvent inks
For use on Rockhopper – Spitfire – Blizzard and first-generation ValueJets
1 liter bottles and 440 ml cassettes

  • RJ80UMS-100-xx
  • RJ80EMS-100-xx
  • RJ80MSU-100-xx
  • RJ80UMS-44-xx
  • RJ80EMS-44-xx
  • RJ80MSU-44-xx