Summa in Top 50 companies for 2021 by Digital Output Readers

Summa is proud to announce it has been chosen as one of the Top 50 companies in the Sign & Graphic and Wide-Format Industries for 2021 by the readers of the Digital Output Magazine.

Digital Output is a leading magazine in the United States, focusing on Sign & Graphic industries. The magazine’s Reader’s Choice Top 50 brings together leading vendors in the graphic arts. The outcome of the winners is based on data collected from the magazine’s online lead generation system and covers reader interest on articles in print and online.

Overcoming challenges and turning them into growth

In contrast to the many challenges this year, Summa America has grown significantly in 2020. Summa maintained a strong focus on business development and kept a clear objective to develop cutting-edge solutions that boost productivity and eliminate complexity in cutting.

Summa has been able to meet infinite cutting needs for Sign & Display professionals by combining performance and quality with a high level of versatility in its range of cutting equipment. This allows businesses, whether they are large or small, to expand their product offering and finish their application range to the highest standards.

Professional cutting solutions based on market needs

The choice for Summa by the readers of Digital Output is great recognition for the company and its range of professional cutting solutions. Summa has shown these solutions go beyond hardware and developed a software suite in-house with packages for both their F Series flatbed cutters and vinyl roll cutter series. These intuitive and easy-to-use software packages entail a high level of automated presets, allowing even less skilled operators to use quite complex large-format cutting machines.

Gary Buck, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Summa America adds: “2020 has been quite a year for Summa and Summa America, so it is very rewarding to have our company, and all of our personal efforts and work recognized by Digital Output. We are very committed to adding many more cutting innovations in 2021.”