Xerox adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant expands color palette to more than a million

By Bart de Vreede / July 21, 2020 /

Xerox announced the Xerox Adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant®, the print market’s first adaptive technology kit that adds seven specialty colors to an existing production…

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Xerox Acquires Altodigital and ITEC Connect, Expanding SMB Reach in Europe

By Bart de Vreede / March 27, 2020 /

Xerox has acquired two leading services and technology providers, Altodigital and ITEC Connect, in the U.K. “We’re supporting small and midsize businesses seeking a modern work experience through…

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Xerox Names Nicole Torraco as Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy and M&A Officer

By Bart de Vreede / February 7, 2020 /

Xerox Holdings Corporation announced the appointment of Nicole Torraco as senior vice president and chief strategy and M&A officer. In this newly created role, she reports…

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Fujifilm to own 100% of Fuji Xerox

By Bart de Vreede / November 5, 2019 /

Fujifilm to acquire Xerox Corporation’s 25% ownership stake in Fuji Xerox, and enter into a new collaborative partnership with Xerox. Transaction will enhance group-wide synergies…

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Xerox selects clear as its inaugural color of the year 2020

By Bart de Vreede / October 18, 2019 /

Is clear a color? Xerox thinks so. You may not, and that’s fine. Looking ahead to 2020, Xerox today announced its inaugural Color of the…

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