What will our professional life look like àfter COVID-19?

The world-wide COVID-19 aka Coronavirus pandemic is one we most likely will remember for the rest of our lives. With viruses like Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, MERS and Mexican Flu following each other up rapidly, this most likely wasn’t the last “big one” we will witness during our lifetime.

If there is one at all, nature is the big winner as most activities and parts of the world have come to a grinding halt. Air pollution, CO2 emissions, the water in the canals of Venice, nature is recovering remarkably fast.

Global leaders, national leaders, companies, and employees, we are all trying to do what we can to minimize the financial crisis following this pandemic by keeping the economy going while implementing drastic safety measures.

On a personal note. Don’t wait till your government or other leaders give safety directions. You have to take the responsibility yourself! This virus is not one you want to suffer from, or even worse, give to someone else.

Remote working and living

The main internet connections have never dealt with so much data. AMS-IX, the largest internet connection point in the world, last Monday, March 23, reported a throughput of 6,5 terabit per second. This was already 12% more than the week before. They have never seen such increases before.

Ordering clothes, electronics, and even groceries online is now bigger than ever before. Conventional restaurants are now delivering menu’s at home while the restaurant itself is closed.

Tools like Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc. have never had so many users at once, services like Netflix, Facebook, etc. have collectively lowered their bitrates and quality to safeguard a stable internet. 

Why are they doing this? 

Because of one of the biggest movements happening due to to the COVID-19 virus, remote working.

Where before some employers didn’t like their employees to work remotely, now they have to. Where the intention was good, but the infrastructure was not yet in place, now they are forced to. Where the vast majority of kids globally still physically went to school, now all of a sudden schools were forced to come up tools allowing for remote learning.

The roads, skies, buildings, and offices are empty, but we are all trying to do what we can to continue business as much as possible without jeopardizing our health. Unfortunately, some businesses are hit hard and can’t or aren’t allowed to continue. Let’s hope they will survive and recover with some help from our governments.

But in many other situations, it actually seems to work quite well. People are getting more creative every day, increasing the number of solutions and opportunities.

All of a sudden, on Friday afternoons, we have a “virtual toast” to the weekend with our colleagues. Remotely…

But what happens once this virus is over?

With all the investments done in infrastructure to allow for remote working and learning, with an opportunity to save on real estate due to remote working, with employees having tasted what it is like to work from home, with social distancing being in place due to remote working (which will help to prevent any new virus from spreading), but maybe even more important, we have tasted the “real” online potential and experience serving us with convenience.

Do you think we will ever go back to our “normal, professional life” like it was before? Do you think we might want to stick to the convenience of ordering everything online and getting it delivered to our doorstep? Are we ready to get that lazy?

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you see it going back to how it was, do you see issues or maybe even opportunities?

Please leave your comments in the section below.